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Production operation and maintenance of hot runner system
Issuing Time:2018-09-01

On-off operation of hot runner system

(1) Preparation

The molder connects the movable mold, the fixed mold and the hot mold half cooling water path of the mold. If the mold temperature requirements of the movable mold and the fixed mold are different, a separate loop water path must be connected; if the product appearance quality is high, it is recommended. It is better to connect the mold temperatures on both sides of the moving and fixed molds separately: if the heat generated by the heating of the hot half-side hot runner is more, the cooling water passage can be connected separately; for example, the heat generated by the heating of the hot half-side hot runner is used as a template. Absorb or transfer more loss, can be connected to the appropriate temperature of the mold temperature water to compensate for heat loss.

The heating cable connection between the hot runner and the thermostat should be properly connected according to the mark of the plug, and the plug lock should be fastened to prevent loosening. For example, if the heating output cable is connected to the temperature sensing cable, all the thermocouples will be burned and open. After the mold is installed, the temperature of the injection molding machine screw is raised to the required set temperature, and the mold temperature machine is also turned on to heat, so that the mold temperature is raised to the set temperature required for production, and then the hot runner system is heated to The working temperature of the plastic.

It should be noted that after the hot runner of the new mold rises to the set temperature, it takes about 5 to 10 minutes (to ensure uniform heating). If the raw material contains glass fiber, it takes a longer time (about 10 to 15 minutes). This is because the heat transfer of the tip of the tungsten steel is poor.

(2) boot

First, find out what kind of raw materials are used in the last test, adjust the temperature of the screw and the nozzle of the injection molding machine to the temperature of the raw material in the molten state, and select a suitable plastic raw material for the material to clean the screw.

If the produced plastic contains LCP + 30% glass fiber, the pure LCP material (excluding glass fiber) can be used to clean the hot runner; after the mold is opened, the air is sprayed. Very smooth; when it is found that a certain or some hot nozzles are not discharged, the following two cases are:

The gate has a cold material, which can be baked by a hot air gun to melt the cold material, and then the safety door is closed and the glue is re-shot;

If there is still a hot nozzle that does not discharge, find the nozzle number according to the hot nozzle position map, correspondingly increase the temperature of the nozzle by 10~20 °C on the basis of the original value (not more than 3 times) ), immediately after the glue is released, the temperature is lowered to the production temperature, and the product can be solved by clamping the product; if there are still gates blocked, the production should be stopped immediately, and the hot mold of the lower mold is removed. Glue or notify the supplier to handle.

(3) Waiting for shutdown

Immediately clean the rubber in the hot runner with pure LCP material, so as to keep the residual material inside the hot runner and the hot nozzle head, and the LCP material with relatively good fluidity during the whole production process, while ensuring the next try or Production is smooth. For machine failure or other reasons, the hot runner should be set to 250 ° C for more than 5 minutes; if it is more than 10 minutes, it should be set to 120 ° C.

(4) Raw material replacement color

Clean the barrel and clean the screw with the raw material until the old color is completely removed. Check whether the machine nozzle and the hot runner gate have old color residue. Open the mold and clear the plastic in front of the nozzle.

(5) Shutdown repair

Before separating the hot runner from the mold, it must be confirmed that the hot runner heating output is closed, ensuring that the hot nozzle temperature has cooled to room temperature (< 60 ° C); if the raw material contains glass fiber, the original material is not used with glass fiber. The glass fiber material is cleared, otherwise the glass fiber material may be charred during the next heating.

2. Hot runner installation note:

(1). Place the mold, lay the upper mold, and clean all the holes and the template with the air gun.

(2). Check the size of each hole and focus on the depth. Clear the glitch on the template. Also check the screw holes of the lock manifold and the center nail and anti-rotation hole for machining. For the first time in this place, the master of the hot runner mold often misses it.

(3). The two parts of the hot nozzle sealing position and the upper step position are matched with the mold.

(4). Test the hot nozzle, and then remove the inspection sealant position 1 to rub the red dan, whether the step 2 touches the mold. If not, stop the installation and check the cause of the error to adjust. Make sure that the fit is tight and not leaking. Be careful not to bump the tip of the nozzle during this process.

(5). Install the hot nozzles at the same time, and install the center pad, center pin and anti-rotation pin. And sweep the red on its plane.

(6). Check the height of the nozzle plane and the center pad, and the error is controlled within 0.05mm.

(7). Trial installation of the manifold. Be careful not to miss the hot nozzle seal when the manifold is officially installed.

(8). Check the cooperation between the manifold and the hot nozzle to ensure that all the red dans are encountered to ensure no leakage.

(9). Finish the hot nozzle routing, make it neat and tidy, and number each group in sequence. Plug the cable into the plug.

(10). The manifold is officially installed, and the manifold fixing screws are locked (note that the balance must be locked and the height of the four corners of the manifold is consistent), and the control manifold is higher than the peripheral frame plane by 0.10-0.15mm, and then The red plate is swept on the manifold.

(11). Try the code template to check whether the plane touches the meson red, and ensure that the template presses the manifold.

(12). Lock the mold, raise the mold, and check whether the matching between the gate and the tip of the nozzle meets the requirements from the parting surface. To make the tip of the nozzle 0.1-0.2mm lower than the gate surface, the tip of the nozzle cannot be eccentric. Use a multimeter to carefully test each group of circuits so that there are no short circuits, open circuits, leakages, etc., and the lines of each group are correct, ensuring that all circuits are normal.

(13.) Connect the thermostat to test the heating. The first heating should be kept for 10 minutes within 100 degrees for preheating and dehumidification to protect the heater. Then warm up to the required temperature, if normal, you can arrange the lifting mold test.

3. Maintenance of hot runners

(1) Regularly check the hot runners for each connection line, wire protection sleeve or wire sheath for aging, damage, crushing, etc. If it is handled in time (replace the protective sleeve, properly bandage with electric tape, cut off the pressure) Reconnect after the injury).

(2) Check the hot nozzle and the manifold for deformation. If any, promptly notify the supplier for disposal; check for rust. If necessary, carefully check whether the water plug is loose or the water circuit is broken, and dispose of it in time.

(3) After a period of production, it is necessary to park the mold for a long time, and rust and rust removal work must be done.

4. Common troubleshooting

The hot runner fails and can only be repaired by a full-time mechanic.

(1) no warming

Check if the cable is properly connected;